Create a line of defense on every front.

 As we continue to face the unpredictable security threats created by domestic urban unease and international terrorists, businesses must continue to update their safety practices to protect their customers, personnel and business interests. GFM-Strategies works to ensure our clients have a strong line of defense on every front.

Corporate Safety/Executive Consulting

Here are some questions that many corporate officers ask and that GFM-Strategies can answer:

  • Should my company outsource or in-source security operations?
  • Do we need a Security Director or Chief Security officer?
  • Is our corporate approach to security using today’s best practices?
  • What are our short-term and long-term strategies for ensuring the safety of our employees and our offices?
  • What is our corporate liability if something goes wrong?

GFM-Strategies will work with your executive leadership team to safeguard your corporation. We apply proven policing techniques in assessing what your company can do immediately to protect lives and assets from external and internal threats. Ultimately, we can help your company design or enhance an approach to security that aligns with your mission and corporate culture.

Operations Review

Many clients seek to ensure positive security outcomes on leaner budgets. GFM-Strategies can lend its expertise in operations to review and streamline your security expenditures. We can help determine opportunities for coordination, and consolidation of security departments and functions. Furthermore, we can provide strategic direction on budgetary items, union issues and optimizing annual security budgets.

Crime Prevention and Safety Strategies

GFM-Strategies draws on years of executive command and operational experience in fighting crime and terrorism. We will assess your organizational security structure in two ways: a first responder perspective and a crime prevention perspective.

For instance, we will assess your company’s emergency response planning in accordance with the current practices used by top law enforcement agencies. This includes reviewing current operations, use of technology and human resources in order to achieve the best possible outcomes in an emergency situation.

Our crime prevention strategies assessment includes analyzing the geographic location(s) of your company and conducting a thorough review of the immediate external threats like current crime patterns in the area. Internal threats like employee theft will also be assessed. We will work to ensure your company’s well-being inside and out.

High-Value Target Threat Reduction

From educational institutions to tourist destinations, organizations in today’s reality must guard against becoming a high-value target in the mind of a criminal or fanatics. Companies that reside in high-value target properties must take additional precautions to assess and understand how to best safeguard their customers, employees, and business.

GFM-Strategies takes this work very seriously. Key members of our organization served in command positions in the New York Police Department during and after the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001. In addition, many of our team members have served in command positions in police departments throughout the country. You can count on our team to bring the best and most current target hardening practices when evaluating your company’s vulnerabilities. We are well equipped to develop clear-cut security solutions that protect your staff and environment.

Security Technology and Services

The experts at GFM-Strategies draw from an international pool of thought leaders and security experts to assess and guide a client’s use of security technologies. Essentially, we help our clients guard against cyberterrorism, global cyber syndicates, hackers for hire, data breaches and other cyber attacks. We can guide your team in the implementation of target hardening practices through sophisticated and cost-effective video systems and technologies, and other security technologies pertinent to your organization. GFM-Strategies will work hard to limit your liability through detection and containment practices should you come under attack.

Executive Protection

Whether you are looking to safeguard your family, your corporation or are traveling to a high-risk location as an individual, GFM-Strategies can provide you with top-notch security protection. We have the unique ability to gain access to valuable information about a location’s police, military actions and political climate. This allows us to create an avoidance based security plan that delivers.

We offer a wide range of services that include a researched threat matrix and on-the-ground intelligence. Our international network of police and security professionals, coupled with our extensive knowledge of proven policing tactics in areas like target hardening, ensure a thorough approach to reviewing potential routes and venues. We are vigilant. We continually review the risks and plan for different scenarios so you can simply concentrate on your goals.

  • Individuals
  • Families
  • Enterprises

Background Investigations

GFM-Strategies’ law enforcement experience allows us to meet your background investigation needs with ease. We have extensive field surveillance and investigation experience to look for the critical information you need. Allow us to access professional databases around the world and pull information from a variety of sources such as local, state and federal records records. GFM-Strategies also accesses credit records and monitors social media activity in order to compile a full profile for your organization.

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